Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We will arrange an advice via MT799 or MT999 ,from our Private Investment Bank in your name from Our Institution.

We will arrange an advice via MT799 or MT999 from our Private Investment Bank in your name from Our Institution.

Small set up fee gets your Swift Capability messages delivered in 1-2 banking days

SWIFT MT799 & MT999 Euro's or US Dollars

No Transmission or upfront fees!

No delivery = No fee.

No Payment until verified and received

Multi Billion $$ Private Bank

Minimum $500k


Swift are electronic notices sent from one bank to another. The MT799/MT999/MT199 Swift's are FREE FORMAT MESSAGES useful for Proof of Funds, the MT760 Swift is a guarantee of value, an MT103 is a bank wire. 

We typically have capability to send SWIFT MT799, MT99, MT199 and MT760 on cash and SBLC/BG's.

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