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Hello Mr.Catharine

Here is the detailed information regarding our 40-week PPP,
please find the Compliance Documents attached.  They are self
explanatory, but if you have questions, do ask.

Details of this PPP are:

·         This is a 40-week, MTN/BUY/SELL trade program that pays 50%
per week (no compounding) and the minimum to start is $10M USD CASH
ONLY (i.e., no bank instruments).

·         Anyone may participate who can pass compliance, has clean,
unencumbered funds, and those funds are in an acceptable country in an
acceptable bank (list attached).

·         The investor’s funds are 100% RISK FREE as required by
European Banking Regulations.

·         The returns are contractually GUARANTEED!!

·         I do not deal in anything but the private placement, and I
am direct to the trader Principle.

·         This is NOT a platform or affiliated with any such internet
platform in any manner, as platforms are not traders and rarely ever

·         The program is a direct Investor-to-program-bank contract,
as are all the Trader's trades.  The banks are in Zurich and Europe.

·         You can also do more than 1 trade.  So the trader can actual
put you in several trades, and the trader will be glad to explain all
the programs with you.

·         There are a limited amount of slots the trader can get and
the slots for the trade open up at different times, so please contact
me if you have any questions.

·         This trade opens and closes throughout each month and the
trader normally gets 3 slots for him to fill for new Investors or
Investors he already has in other trades.

·         The quicker an Investor gets his due diligence, compliance
document papers in, the quicker the trader can secure a slot.  The
Program Manager, Belita, speaks to the trader every day to keep up
with the trade programs and the available slots opened or that are

The VERBIAGE DOCUMENT is not to be filled out until the Investor has
finished compliance and has signed the contract for the trade, as the
date for the blocking of funds must be the same as the date of the

The trader has other trades that are always open or opening up, so
please do not hesitate to issue your documents.

Any other questions, please contact me.

*Have A Nice Day

Thanking You
With Best Warm Regards
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