Friday, March 10, 2017


Dear sir,

Please find the details required for the process.

1. NAME THE BANK (From where the FDR is issued Bank and Branch name)
2. Date of Issue of the FD 
3. FD issued in the NAME OF 
4. Date of Issue of the FD
5. FD face value 
6. FD maturity date
7. FD maturity value
8. Letter of Authorization to verify the FD 

9.     In case, if the FD is not made and there is cash balance - surplus, you can give the letter of Authorisation to verify the account balance.

10. ITR Returns for last 3 years along with Balance sheet.

11.   ROC,  LIST Directors , AUTHORITY letter, and self attested directors I’d prof  with DIN numbers. NCL and NOC all these things  should be in the  company’s original letter head and should not be on Xerox letter head.

12. COMPANY KYC & GENERAL documents related to transactions

13. BCL  to be taken in front of us in the current date or on the  transaction date.

14.   FD should not done from the Loan account /  OD , CC, TL

15.   SOURCE OF FUND to be shown.

16. Letter of Disclaimed for Lien and Platform use on company letterhead.

17. (BRL) Bank Receiving Letter
18.  Offer - Any Bank min 20 Cr​  - Payout 150% (for 20 Cr FD - client will get 30 Cr)
                - HSBC min 20 Cr - Payout 225% (for 20 Cr FD - client will get 45 Cr)

                - The FD will be taken on Lien for 13 months
                         (the FD will be released automatically after the lien term)
                - The transactions will be completed on the same day.
                - Trade profits will be transferred as per the FD holder requirement.

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